Date Night


Dinner and a movie while the kids are at a Parents Night Out event at our gym. Going out without the kids in tow is always a great time break. No interruptions. No potty talk. No farting. No burping. No fights over food. No movies involving talking cartoon trains, cars, or little ponies. No potential embarrassing moments of one child screaming because the other child invaded their air space. Just quiet time.

If you ever see one of these Parent Nights Out events, do it. Our gym has these supervised events quarterly from 6-10pm on a Saturday night. There’s a church on Allisonville Road that has the Girl Scouts babysitting the kids one Saturday every couple of months. Most of the parent nights I’ve seen have been around Valentine’s Day and Christmas. If you are not sure where these are going on in your area, Google it or ask a happy parent. Trust me, they will know.