What’s My Deal?

What’s my deal?
Who is Leilan McNally?
I am a guy trying to make the world a more positive place. I try to inspire other to see the world as a positive place. I’m a dad. I’m a husband. I’m am overweight endurance athlete. I am the silverback of the cul-de-sac.  I inspire people to be awesome and big sexy. That’s my deal. 

The best way to do this is by example. I try to live a positive life and see the best in everything. How do I do this? I practice this everyday. For one thing, this way of thinking didn’t happen overnight. Slowly over the period of a couple years, I changed from being a curmudgeon to living a positive life.  

That’s my deal. 

Note, I am participating in the #ThinkKit16 writing project. Each morning, I receive a writing prompt and I try to write a blog post on it. I plan to do my best to participate in this daily prompts. If you’d like to participant, visit ThinkKit.org. 



What a day?!?

Went to the skate park with MaM and her new scooter. It’s a lot faster than the old one.

Bogged down with some work projects.

Tomorrow’s goals l- don’t keep regretting the past. Live towards the future and be positive.