The Monumental Mile – We Can Do This!

This Thursday evening the folks who run the Monumental Marathon are hosting a new and excited run. They are going to run a one mile run down Meridian Street. Can you walk or run one mile? I know you can, join me in this one mile trot. 

The first 1000 registered runners will receive  an inaugural tech tank top.

The end of the run will have beer and food trucks.

One runner will try and break the four minute mile. That runner will not be me.

Are you up for a challenge? Do you want to see how fast you can run a mile? If you can run a mile on June 5th, you can begin training to run the Monumental Marathon on November 1st. Seriously, there is enough time to train to run a marathon between now and November 1st. Find a training program and stick to it. If you follow a marathon training program, you will be successful!

Here is the registration link. Online registration ends at midnight on Wednesday, June 4th.

The registration fee is $20.


Disclosure – My registration fee was waived in exchange for promotion for this event. My thought and views are my own.


My View – Skatepark


Took the Little People to the west side to go to a skate park to ride their Razor scooters. It was the second time for The Fox and he is still getting used to the scooter and the traffic. I think the skater traffic is the hardest part to learn because it is so unpredictable.he doesn’t understand the kids flying past on skateboards and bikes cannot stop if he travels into their path, he will get knocked down. Yes, he will learn a hard and fast lesson in physics.
MaM is a different story. She is all over the park. She also has the confidence and experience of skating for a couple of years. Although she was a little jealous of the bigger kids who had a little more power to jump their Razor scooter over the small hills. She was really trying to do that. She has learned how to scan her path before heading into the frenzy.
These kids have so much energy. I don’t know where they get it from.

Help Our Friends at @IndySOW

Good Morning,

Our friends at INDY School on Wheels ( Twitter Link)are involved in a one day contest to raise money for the Indianapolis chapter. My friend Alex Keys is leading the effort to raise money to help provide support for the homeless children in Indianapolis.  He tells me that on any one night there are over 3000 homeless children in Indianapolis. 

This was the group that we tried to raise money for at Indianapolis 500 Community Day.  We came in second place.

If you can help, please go to the School on Wheels “Twive and Receive” page and donate. Twive and Receive is an organization that is helping non-profits in different cities raise money for their charity.  Each charity only has 24 hours to raise funds. Today, Thursday June 14th, 2012, is the only day that you can donate to the Indy School on Wheels group.

Thank you,


Hot Wheels Exhibit at The Children’s Museum



Last week we visited The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis  to take the Little People to the new Hot Wheel’s exhibit. We were sure they would love it because their grandpa brings them Hot Wheel cars every time he comes over for a visit. I wasn’t sure it @GotChaBaby and I would because of all the cars we have stepped on in the dark. Come on parents, you know what I’m talking about. If it’s a small toy, you’ve stepped on it in the dark.



They have six full sized cars in the display area. All of these cars were either actual cars created into Hot Wheels cars or Hot Wheel cars fabricated into full sized cars. The centerpiece display is one of the cars designed by Hot Wheels Chief Designer, Larry Wood, called The Bone Shaker. It was cool to see this roofless vehicle with it’s skull grill because my kids have this car in their collection and I had one growing up as well. They also have a full sized version of the first Hot Wheels car that was made into a real automobile, the Twin Mill. We saw this car for the first time at the Indianapolis Speedway a couple years ago at the 35 th Anniversary Hot Wheels stop a couple years ago. Then, it was green, now it’s blue.



MaM took a liking to the exhibit right away. She loves cars. Her dream car is a sparkly blue Corvette The highlight for her was the twenty plus foot Hot Wheels ramp that had a loop in it. She figured out that she could line up ten cars and send them down the ramp at the same time. I caught her filling up her pockets with cars and waiting in line to send the cars on their way. She so liked the area that let her trace the parts of the car on paper. The museum had a similar display during the Barbie exhibit.
AfM liked the smaller track exhibits. He was happy to keep sending the cars down whatever ramp he was standing in front of, just going from ramp to ramp.
The workers in the area were really good with the kids and answered questions for the adults such as “How many cars do you think you’ll go through?” I was told that she wasn’t sure but it amount looks considerably less than what they started with that morning. GotChaBaby asked @TCMIndy the same question, via Twitter, and found out they started with 3000 cars. I wonder how many are left now?



The Hot Wheels For Real exhibit is at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis until January 27th, 2013. If you haven’t taken your kids there, you should, this is one of the best “hands-on” museums for little people.

Pit Crew Thing- The Wrap Up

Being on a charity pit crew for the Indianapolis 500 Community Day was a fun experience. It was AWESOME!  I still don’t know how I was on a media team competing against eleven local media stations. But, I accepted the challenge and tried to win it with the team I was with.

There were two  cars were set up in front of the pagoda.  Twelve teams of five lined up in front of the cars to be taught now to change a tire on an Indy Car. The teams consisted of two drillers, two tire people, and one driver. The driver was a representative from the charity. In our case, it was Sally Bindley, CEO of School on Wheels. School on Wheels assists school aged children affected by homelessness. SOW tries to keep the children’s education constant during the turmoil of homelessness.

Brian and Lance practicing.

Our goal was simple and broken into four steps

Lug nut off

Tire off

Tire on

Lug on

That’s it. Four simple steps.

The difficult part was the pressure of racing against the clock.  During the first heat against a Kokomo radio station, K 92.5, they completed the task first, but didnt completely secure the tire. That mistake earned them a 10 second penalty. Because of that. We won. We were watching the other teams like hawks. Last years winners, the WIBC team made us a little nervous. We were a little excited to see them get knocked out in the first round.

The second heat was pretty straight forward. We raced Indiana Business Journal head to head. We won again

The third heat, against two other teams, was a race against the clock. The first team, WLHK, had some issues getting the lug on and took extra time. We went second and finished in 9.64 seconds.  The last team, WJAA,  knocked out of the park with a time of 7.64 seconds. We had a small issue with the first tire bumping the new tire.  Caleb thought that I was going to throw the tire fifty feet away from the car.  Maybe I was a little more intense than usual.

We were a little bummed that we lost but also surprised that we got as far as we did on our first attempt. Sally Bindley was already planning for next year by trying a hire a professional pit crew member.  It was a great experience.  I started laughing a couple hours after it because I still couldn’t believe that we got to do this.

The funny part was competing against all the tv news people.  I have seen all these people on the television and here they were, in front of us.  I sensed that they didn’t care for the no name team, us, at first.  That feeling turned to hate when we kept winning and yelling.

Well, take care until the next event,


I Get To Be Part Of An INDY Car Pit Crew

I am getting to do one of the coolest things ever. And I have been to two state fairs.  I am part of a media pit crew for Community Day being held at the Indianapolis 500 race track. This is going to be legendary. Possibly EPIC.

I was asked to be on the team by NaptownBuzz with CS_INDY, and Lance. We are going to try and raise $5000 for School On Wheels ( @IndySOW on Twitter).  School On Wheels helps kids, impacted by homelessness, keep their education on track. We are competing against eleven other local media teams.

If you want to drive your car on the track, enter off of 30th street.  I did this last year, its pretty cool.  A couple years ago, I got to drive on of the parade truck around the track for the Brickyard.  Circling the 2.5 mile track is pretty cool.

I hope that we win the for School on Wheels.

Bike To Work Week.


Today, I rode my bicycle into work as part of bike to work week . It’s only two miles. But, I did it. Me thinks I should ride into the office more often.

Did you ride into work today?