Weekly Goals For The Week of June 13 th

 Goals from week ending June 6th. 

1. 500 words in my journal each morning.


2. Walk 5k each day. 


3. Devote an hour of play with the kids after school for four days. 

Success. Lots of reading together, Minecraft and four square. We even did a First Friday night downtown. 

4. Write a blog post each morning to build the writing practice. 


5. Ride the bike ten miles four days a week. 


6. Be more awesome and sexy than the previous day. 


The failures of the week were me. I stayed up too late working on other things and had no motivation to get up early in the morning. That changes tomorrow morning. Getting up earlier and attacking the day. 

Goals for week ending June 13th:

1. Write 500 words in my journal each morning. 

Definitely going to keep working on this goal. Even after resetting my phone and losing a year one writing in my DayOne app. With that setback, I’m moving forward. I thought the app was automatically backing up to Dropbox. I was wrong, it’s a manual backup. Went back to syncing in iCloud.  

I am heading to the Downtown Writers hack sponsored by the The Geeky Press. The are hosting a writing event on Tuesday night. For more information, check them out online. 

2. 10k steps before 10a

My friend Mike Thilman challenged me to this one. Going to walk every morning. This is also part of another challenge Jason DiBiase and I have on our TOOpodcast. Walk at least three times this week. We got this. 

3. Devote an hour of play with the kids after work. 

I need to focus on this and make time for it. This is one of the more important goals on the list. Last Friday, we hit the First Friday activities in downtown Indianapolis. We hit a few art galleries and the Indianapolis War Memorial. We climbed the steps and did nothing. Nothing. The kids and I sat there talking and laughing. We watched the sun go down. It was a great night. On the way home, MaM told me this was an awesome night. I can’t tell you the last time my daughter said that. 

4. Spend more time in reflection. 

I want to slow down the pace of my life. Meditation is going to be the new thing I try this week. I downloaded the Headspace app. The goal of this app is ten minutes a day. The reason behind this goal is more me time. Yes, I am important and my life matters. 

5. Awesome is as awesome does. 



The Monumental Mile – We Can Do This!

This Thursday evening the folks who run the Monumental Marathon are hosting a new and excited run. They are going to run a one mile run down Meridian Street. Can you walk or run one mile? I know you can, join me in this one mile trot. 

The first 1000 registered runners will receive  an inaugural tech tank top.

The end of the run will have beer and food trucks.

One runner will try and break the four minute mile. That runner will not be me.

Are you up for a challenge? Do you want to see how fast you can run a mile? If you can run a mile on June 5th, you can begin training to run the Monumental Marathon on November 1st. Seriously, there is enough time to train to run a marathon between now and November 1st. Find a training program and stick to it. If you follow a marathon training program, you will be successful!

Here is the registration link. Online registration ends at midnight on Wednesday, June 4th. https://endurancecui.active.com/event-reg/select-race?e=6054154

The registration fee is $20.


Disclosure – My registration fee was waived in exchange for promotion for this event. My thought and views are my own.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 16

Yesterday’s goal achieved, one mile in the pool. Can’t swim a mile straight yet, but I’m working on it. I am definitely getting faster. Swam the first half in under 20 minutes and the second half in under 18:30. That’s never happened before. I am starting to see more muscular definition in my arms and a higher endurance level. After the swim, I was not entirely wiped out like I would have been a year ago.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Distance from yesterday – 1 mile
Total Distance – 7 miles

Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 15

Sorry, it has been a while since the last post. Work and family became a priority this past week. I am 1.5 miles behind schedule. I plan to make that up by Monday. At least that’s the goal.

I’m feeling really lately. Very motivated. Even though, I didn’t make it to the gym to swim yesterday, I jogged four miles. If I can’t get to the gym, I try to run.

As we hit the half way point, things are going well and I have not got injured. I was really worried about that because, prior to August, I swam once or twice a week.

To integrate some strength work, I have started doing push ups. Just ten, long, slow, burning push ups every couple hours throughout the day. Form is a big concern. I see a lot of people race through them and using the momentum in the bottom and jolting back up. I take it nice and slow. Down. And one, pause, up, down and two. You get the point.

What should next month challenge be? Unfortunately, I have to take a blood test and cannot exercise for the previous week. I am going to try and break that week up between August and September. Because of that, I am going to slightly modify this challenge. My goal is still 15.5 miles of swimming. Instead of swimming a half mile every day, I can swim a mile and apply the distance to the grand total. I am going to try and swim as many days as I can.

Take care and thanks for reading.
Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Distance from August 10/13/14 – 1.5 miles
Total Distance – 6 miles

Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 9/10


I had to take two days off because of my lip. It got really sunburned last Monday and started to blister. I figured it was best to let it heal without the chemicals from the pool.
I will make the distance over the next couple days.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Distance from 8/8 – .5 mile
Total Distance – 4.5 miles

Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 7


Another half mile completed and a PR set. This is the fastest I’ve ever swam a half mile, 18 minutes and change.
What do I think about while swimming for twenty to forty minutes? I repeat the number of the lap I’m on over and over and over again. Counting from one to sixteen or thirty two. Back and forth. Back and forth.
I seem to get a burst of energy when I hit the half way point. I can feel the pace quickening.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Yesterday’s Distance – .5 mile
Total Distance – 4.0 miles

Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 6


Sorry, no swim today. Picked up a cold from my daughter and felt really weak. Hoping to be back in the pool tomorrow morning. On a plus note, I won two Cotls tickets from the Indiana Dairy Association because I RT’d their hash tag and a link to the blog series. Woo Hoo!
Here’s a picture of a unicorn sculpture.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Yesterday’s Distance – 0 mile
Total Distance – 3.5 miles