Teaching Your Kids How To Shop For Christmas

I love teaching my son how to be a man. You know things like hunting, fishing and other manly things that men do. One manly thing I am excited to pass along to The Fox is Christmas shopping. Every man needs to know how to manage their time and be an efficient holiday shopper. Get in and get out. That’s the plan. 
Let’s face it, if you’re shopping before 5pm on Christmas Eve, you’re doing it wrong. Way wrong. 
The first lesson is to find a place that is more likely than not open on Christmas Eve. Your best bet, a gas station. Since the 80’s, most gas stations have been open on Christmas Day. They are a great place to shop for your loved ones. 

My advice is to avoid the smaller mom and pop gas stations because they will not have an awesome selection of possible Christmas gifts. Another thing that you need to teach your kid is speed. You are not on a shopping expedition. This is a strategic shopping mission. In saying this, do not select a gas station you have never been to before. Always, select your home station. You know, the one you frequent the most. Go to the gas station where the older clerks call you “sweetie” and “baby”. That means they know you and understand you. Also, they know why you’re there and won’t judge you. You’re holiday shopping secret is safe with them. 

The goal is to get in and out as fast as possible. This is a military operation. Find what you need for your spouse and siblings and get out. Do not dilly dally in the chip aisle. You’re there to shop for a couple Christmas presents for loved ones, not yourself. Well, unless they are having a sale on roller dogs. Mmmmmm roller dogs. 
My home gas station is Speedway. Why? Because they are modernizing most of their stations. They have cafes and are stocking them with a ton of retail items. If you can find one that sells diesel, you can surprise your wife with a CB radio. 

If you and your son cannot decide what to buy, I would like to suggest some practical items such as motor oil, beef jerky and or donuts. Donuts make a fantastic gift. Ask yourself this, who doesn’t love donuts. If you decide to buy donuts, make sure you get the Christmas sprinkles ones. Your wife will love those. Trust me. 
Have a Merry Christmas.