People of the Holidays Selfie Photography Project


I’m excited to launch a new photography project, “People Of The Holidays”. A selfie photo project of all the people I come into contact with this holiday season. 
I wonder how many selfies I can post before January 2nd.  
This project starts right meow. 


Big Win Friday-No Donuts on Donut Day


This was a busy week. The first week of the month usually is for me. Not complaining. I’m not bragging. There just seem to be a lot of things of the calendar that we can’t reschedule. Cub Scouts. Men’s Club meetings for church. Soccer.

I need to learn to say no more. Not to the things listed above. I am involved in these things because they are important to me or my children. I think it is important to be involved in those activities.

My big win of the week is getting the podcast we’ve been working on over the last month released. It was our first episode. If you read the post from Wednesday, you will know that was something that finally came to life. And, it came to life a week early. 

Last Saturday, I told the kids on the soccer team if they scored six goals I would do cartwheels across the field. Unfortunately, they did not score six goals. The most cartwheels I have ever completed in my life is one. This was for a dance contest at the race track on Carb Day. It did give me enough points to move into the finals and attempt to dance for $5,000. Spoiler alert, I totally lost. I should really consider this a big win. I don’t know if I could do that many cartwheels across a soccer field.

Another big win is that I ran a couple times this week. This is something I have not been able to do over the last month or so.

The biggest win of the week was not eating any donuts on national donut day. Yay me! 

The Monumental Mile – We Can Do This!

This Thursday evening the folks who run the Monumental Marathon are hosting a new and excited run. They are going to run a one mile run down Meridian Street. Can you walk or run one mile? I know you can, join me in this one mile trot. 

The first 1000 registered runners will receive  an inaugural tech tank top.

The end of the run will have beer and food trucks.

One runner will try and break the four minute mile. That runner will not be me.

Are you up for a challenge? Do you want to see how fast you can run a mile? If you can run a mile on June 5th, you can begin training to run the Monumental Marathon on November 1st. Seriously, there is enough time to train to run a marathon between now and November 1st. Find a training program and stick to it. If you follow a marathon training program, you will be successful!

Here is the registration link. Online registration ends at midnight on Wednesday, June 4th.

The registration fee is $20.


Disclosure – My registration fee was waived in exchange for promotion for this event. My thought and views are my own.

The first day of kindergarten for The Fox.

The first day of kindergarten for The Fox.

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Day One Entry: Aug 7, 2013

MaM’s first day of third grade. How exciting.

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Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 3


Day 3

My ass hurts. Possibly the worst blog opening sentence ever. Had the alarm set for early to try and repeat Friday. Didn’t happen. I still got to the gym and got it done.
Going to shoot for the hour elliptical and one mile swim workout tomorrow. I felt good and enjoyed the workout. I may try this one or two times during the week. We’ll see how it goes.
Swimming a half mile the day after swimming a mile is a lot easier than you think. Because you’re happy not to be swimming a mile. Shoulders felt good. There was a little soreness in the beginning, but it went away. Finished with a decent time. I was happy with it.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Today’s Distance – .5 mile
Total Distance – 2 miles

Things That Make Me Happy – Fun Family Pictures


I love being able to take fun pictures with my kids. In this shot, MaM and I recreated the first time we held her, on the day she was born, eight years ago.
Happy Birthday, MaM. I hope you enjoyed your special day.

The purpose of this Happiness Series is to share the things or events in my life that bring happiness to show how others can achieve happiness in the same ways. These posts are in no particular order and they may happen a day or so before they post. Certain themes may repeat, but the accompanying photo never will.