My View – Skatepark


Took the Little People to the west side to go to a skate park to ride their Razor scooters. It was the second time for The Fox and he is still getting used to the scooter and the traffic. I think the skater traffic is the hardest part to learn because it is so unpredictable.he doesn’t understand the kids flying past on skateboards and bikes cannot stop if he travels into their path, he will get knocked down. Yes, he will learn a hard and fast lesson in physics.
MaM is a different story. She is all over the park. She also has the confidence and experience of skating for a couple of years. Although she was a little jealous of the bigger kids who had a little more power to jump their Razor scooter over the small hills. She was really trying to do that. She has learned how to scan her path before heading into the frenzy.
These kids have so much energy. I don’t know where they get it from.




This picture reminds me of being a kid in summer.

Date Night


Dinner and a movie while the kids are at a Parents Night Out event at our gym. Going out without the kids in tow is always a great time break. No interruptions. No potty talk. No farting. No burping. No fights over food. No movies involving talking cartoon trains, cars, or little ponies. No potential embarrassing moments of one child screaming because the other child invaded their air space. Just quiet time.

If you ever see one of these Parent Nights Out events, do it. Our gym has these supervised events quarterly from 6-10pm on a Saturday night. There’s a church on Allisonville Road that has the Girl Scouts babysitting the kids one Saturday every couple of months. Most of the parent nights I’ve seen have been around Valentine’s Day and Christmas. If you are not sure where these are going on in your area, Google it or ask a happy parent. Trust me, they will know.

Free Comic Book Day With The Kids


Had a fun weekend. There was soooo much to do. It was a full day, Free Comic Book Day, Star Wars event at the Indiana State Museum, and Cinco De Mayo party. The kids really loved the free comic book day. MaM was on the search for an unicorn comic book. The Fox was good with anything. That’s the beauty of a four year old mind. They go with the flow. They are just happy to be involved.

The first comic book store we hit was Carnival Comics, on Keystone. First thing we asked when we walked in the door was “Do you have any unicorn comics?” A phrase I never thought would ever come out of my mouth. At least with people who do not follow me on Twitter. The guy behind the counter, who looked nothing like the comic book store guy on The Simpson’s, said no, but I may have something else. This was something MaM was ecstatic to hear.

This place had a large selection of free comics. There was Batman ans Superman and many others I had never heard of. The kids loved looking over the selection. Each person was limitied to four comic books. So that meant The Fox got five comic books and MaM got seven. As long as she got more comic books than The Fox, she was happy.


The second shop we visited was in Castleton, Downtown Comics. There was a line outside the door stretching all the way past the three neighboring stores. That was a little too long for me. There were a couple of people walking around in costume. Batman, Robin, Poison Ivy, and Cat Woman. MaM’s first reaction was “That’s Cat Woman, she’s evil.”. That’s when MaM’s world got rocked. Cat Woman walked up to Bat Man to get a picture with some people. MaM froze when this happened. I not sure what was going on through her head, but she didn’t like it. I think she wanted Bat Man to do something to her.

When we got home, the kids couldn’t wait to run into the house with their comic books to show their mom.
It was a fun day. I’m lucky that I got to spend it with them.




I Was A Donut Man

In donut heaven.

Last Friday morning, I got to live two life long dreams. I got to dress up as a donut and hand out donuts to total strangers.  I got to join the Indiana Division of the Salvation Army and help say thanks to some of the companies who have donated their time or materials over the last year.

With strangers on Monument Circle.

We stopped by a couple businesses to deliver donuts.  Everything went well except for our visit to the radio station.  I think I got “bad touched” while there. We came out of one business downtown, and we were getting back into the van.  As we stepped back into the van, a group came up and asked us for a picture.  We got out and put the donut back on and took some pics.  In all the excitement, we forgot to close the back of the van.  As we were driving away, I noticed the rear door open and that we almost lost the donut costume.  That would have sucked.  A lost donut costume. That would be a tragedy.

At the WZPL studios.

The greatest part was seeing the look on people’s faces as a giant donut walked into their office with two dozen Dunkin Donuts. That costume was  DD has one thing correct, America runs on donuts. The sad part of this adventure was that I only got to eat one donut of all the donuts we delivered.

From inside the donut costume.

Hot Wheels Exhibit at The Children’s Museum



Last week we visited The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis  to take the Little People to the new Hot Wheel’s exhibit. We were sure they would love it because their grandpa brings them Hot Wheel cars every time he comes over for a visit. I wasn’t sure it @GotChaBaby and I would because of all the cars we have stepped on in the dark. Come on parents, you know what I’m talking about. If it’s a small toy, you’ve stepped on it in the dark.



They have six full sized cars in the display area. All of these cars were either actual cars created into Hot Wheels cars or Hot Wheel cars fabricated into full sized cars. The centerpiece display is one of the cars designed by Hot Wheels Chief Designer, Larry Wood, called The Bone Shaker. It was cool to see this roofless vehicle with it’s skull grill because my kids have this car in their collection and I had one growing up as well. They also have a full sized version of the first Hot Wheels car that was made into a real automobile, the Twin Mill. We saw this car for the first time at the Indianapolis Speedway a couple years ago at the 35 th Anniversary Hot Wheels stop a couple years ago. Then, it was green, now it’s blue.



MaM took a liking to the exhibit right away. She loves cars. Her dream car is a sparkly blue Corvette The highlight for her was the twenty plus foot Hot Wheels ramp that had a loop in it. She figured out that she could line up ten cars and send them down the ramp at the same time. I caught her filling up her pockets with cars and waiting in line to send the cars on their way. She so liked the area that let her trace the parts of the car on paper. The museum had a similar display during the Barbie exhibit.
AfM liked the smaller track exhibits. He was happy to keep sending the cars down whatever ramp he was standing in front of, just going from ramp to ramp.
The workers in the area were really good with the kids and answered questions for the adults such as “How many cars do you think you’ll go through?” I was told that she wasn’t sure but it amount looks considerably less than what they started with that morning. GotChaBaby asked @TCMIndy the same question, via Twitter, and found out they started with 3000 cars. I wonder how many are left now?



The Hot Wheels For Real exhibit is at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis until January 27th, 2013. If you haven’t taken your kids there, you should, this is one of the best “hands-on” museums for little people.

@EpiclySteve Skateboards Across Indiana

On June 8th, a friend of mine will attempt something that has never been done before. Steve Hill is going to attempt to skateboard 160 miles across the state of Indiana to raise money to fight AIDS in Zimbabwe and Zambia. He will start on the Illinois/ Indiana border and head east towards Ohio following a route similar to the Ride Across Indian route. He told me that he hopes to hit Carmel by the evening of June 8th and hit the Ohio border by the following night.

If you can help Steve on this never been done before feat, please click here to donate.

Click here to follow his progress on Twitter @EpiclySteve