There Will be Days You Don’t Have Time To Exercise

Yes, this happens. What do you do? Nothing. You move on and put this day in the past.

What do I mean? I mean we are not professional athletes. Working out and exercising is not our job. Sometimes life just works out that way. It happens. It’s best not to let it get to you. At least I don’t.

It was just one of those days. I was up late last night writing a post for the podcast website. I was up early for work this morning. Then, I  had stuff scheduled all afternoon. It’s 11pm and I just walked in the door. Am I exhausted? No. It was a full day.

In a perfectly scheduled day, I would have walked this morning and completed a T25 workout in the evening. No biggy. I will work harder at making sure I stay on schedule tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s plan. Side note, always have a plan. I will sleep in and catch up on sleep. I think rest is important. Head into work and put in my eight. Try and squeeze in a run and a bike ride after work and before soccer practice.

I am looking forward to the end of the soccer season. Hopefully, that will give me some more time during the week.

Today through me off my regular routine. I can adapt to change, but I really don’t like changing my routine.

Was it a productive day? Yes. I feel I accomplished a lot since 6am. Worked. Spent time with the little people and attended two volunteer sessions. I even shot a video with a friend taunting another friend on the internet. It was a good day.


Sorry for the short entry today. I will be working on a piece about my big wins from the week for Friday. I little teaser about an upcoming post I am working on for this site, is a post about how we are all broken souls. No person is perfect, we are all works in progress.  This one may be outside my happy go lucky wheelhouse. I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect. I have a fun and filled life. Yes, I get to do some cool things. But, I am far from perfect.


Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 16

Yesterday’s goal achieved, one mile in the pool. Can’t swim a mile straight yet, but I’m working on it. I am definitely getting faster. Swam the first half in under 20 minutes and the second half in under 18:30. That’s never happened before. I am starting to see more muscular definition in my arms and a higher endurance level. After the swim, I was not entirely wiped out like I would have been a year ago.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Distance from yesterday – 1 mile
Total Distance – 7 miles

Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 15

Sorry, it has been a while since the last post. Work and family became a priority this past week. I am 1.5 miles behind schedule. I plan to make that up by Monday. At least that’s the goal.

I’m feeling really lately. Very motivated. Even though, I didn’t make it to the gym to swim yesterday, I jogged four miles. If I can’t get to the gym, I try to run.

As we hit the half way point, things are going well and I have not got injured. I was really worried about that because, prior to August, I swam once or twice a week.

To integrate some strength work, I have started doing push ups. Just ten, long, slow, burning push ups every couple hours throughout the day. Form is a big concern. I see a lot of people race through them and using the momentum in the bottom and jolting back up. I take it nice and slow. Down. And one, pause, up, down and two. You get the point.

What should next month challenge be? Unfortunately, I have to take a blood test and cannot exercise for the previous week. I am going to try and break that week up between August and September. Because of that, I am going to slightly modify this challenge. My goal is still 15.5 miles of swimming. Instead of swimming a half mile every day, I can swim a mile and apply the distance to the grand total. I am going to try and swim as many days as I can.

Take care and thanks for reading.
Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Distance from August 10/13/14 – 1.5 miles
Total Distance – 6 miles

Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 9/10


I had to take two days off because of my lip. It got really sunburned last Monday and started to blister. I figured it was best to let it heal without the chemicals from the pool.
I will make the distance over the next couple days.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Distance from 8/8 – .5 mile
Total Distance – 4.5 miles

Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 7


Another half mile completed and a PR set. This is the fastest I’ve ever swam a half mile, 18 minutes and change.
What do I think about while swimming for twenty to forty minutes? I repeat the number of the lap I’m on over and over and over again. Counting from one to sixteen or thirty two. Back and forth. Back and forth.
I seem to get a burst of energy when I hit the half way point. I can feel the pace quickening.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Yesterday’s Distance – .5 mile
Total Distance – 4.0 miles

Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 6


Sorry, no swim today. Picked up a cold from my daughter and felt really weak. Hoping to be back in the pool tomorrow morning. On a plus note, I won two Cotls tickets from the Indiana Dairy Association because I RT’d their hash tag and a link to the blog series. Woo Hoo!
Here’s a picture of a unicorn sculpture.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Yesterday’s Distance – 0 mile
Total Distance – 3.5 miles

Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 5


(Sorry for the delay on this post. I forgot my SD card reader to use the photo I wanted to use.)
I didn’t think this was going to happen because we were at the Indiana state fair all day and my wife was heading out with her friends that night. Did I mention it was also meet the teacher night at the kids school? It was a busy day. A typical family schedule for us. I usually try and exercise in the morning for that reason.
I walked around the fair regretting not working out in the mornings or most of the day. I should have got out of bed earlier. I should not have stayed up so late watching the new episode of Breaking Bad. I was being beaten up by the “I shoulda” monster. The past is the past. Next time, I will get up earlier and work out. Another benefit of hitting the gym earlier in the day is that it’s less crowded.
I was happy the family schedule worked out so that I was able to get to the gym. When trying to make time for exercise, you really need to be conscious of your family’s time and commitments. I think a problem develops when exercise comes a higher priority than the family. Before this challenge, I would alway postpone my workouts if I found out my wife was going to hit a fitness class at the gym. Today’s lesson, flexibility is a must.

Don’t worry, I was a very good boy at the fair. No fried anything.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Yesterday’s Distance – 1 mile
Total Distance – 3.5 miles