The state of the podcast

 What a week.

We released our first episode last Friday. Our first episode introduced Jason and myself. We wanted to give the audience a little background about us. Jason talked about what it’s like being an overweight man. He said that when your over 500 pounds you’re invisible. This was something I never knew about. We also learned a little about my background and why I run. 

We were really happy with the format. It worked for what we were doing. We went into this knowing we might talk over one another. Another concern was talking too fast. Because we planned this out, we were able to be aware of those potential problems and watch for them. 

You will learn more about us over the next couple months. We want to cover different topics to educate others and bring these difficult conversations into light. Some of these topics, such as depression and weight loss surgery, are issues people shy away from. I know I have. 

We want to have these conversations with you. We also want your insight. We want to know what you think about them. We also want to hear about your experience. 

We are planning on recording episode two this Friday. This episode is going to be about what we are planning to do with TOO podcast. I have a feeling what we’re doing today is going to be totally different than what we do in episode ten. It’s just a hunch. I think this episode will follow the same format as episode one. This may change in future episodes, but it works for us now. 

We received some great news today. The Obnoxious Optimists is officially on iTunes. We are very excited about this. Here is the link to the podcast.
Give us a listen and subscribe. 

Thank you again for your support. 



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