Reading This Summer

This summer, we are encouraging the kids to improve their reading and writing. You can never read enough. 
Michelle and I do not plan to be “tiger parents”. We want the kids to improve their reading and spend less time I front of a screen. Sorry, we’re not going e-books this summer. MaM already asked. 
I didn’t read a lot as a child. I should say, I don’t remember reading a lot as a child. I know what you’re thinking, look at this guy, I’m starting my kid on a reading program right now. 
I found reading late in life. Not a bad thing, just not my thing when I was younger. I don’t read as much as I’d like to and I don’t read paper books as much as I like to either. 
Books should be something children have access to. When MaM was born, we signed her up for a literacy program, through the Dolly Parton Foundation, and we received an age appropriate book every month. When they are one to two years old. They received picture books. Unfortunately, the program was hugely successful and they ran out of money. The Fox didn’t get to enter that program. We really loved that program. 
This summer the kids can earn some extra screen time on the weekends. Right now we are testing a screen time match program. Read 20 minutes, you get 20 minutes of screen time. Fight or argue, you lose screen time. 
What are you doing to keep the educational spark alive with your children? 

Note-This is part of a daily writing exercise to improve my writing. My goal is to publish something about what’s going on in my life each day. Thank you for reading.  


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