Summer Time – Day One 

 First, well second day of summer for our family. Tomorrow will be the first weekday off of summer. This time off seems so long at the Easter break. A couple months off from school. Then you start filling the calendar. 

While driving to church today, MaM asked about having a birthday party on her birth date in early August. She became a little disappointed when we had to tell her she couldn’t have a friends party on her birth date. Why, it’s a weekday and it’s the back to school night. I can’t believe we are already looking at the back to school night. 
This made me think about how soon they are going back to school. Two months. Eight weeks.
When you add in all the normal summer things families do during June and July, vacations, birthday parties, weddings, scout summer camps and a week at the grandparents, the time will go by extremely fast. I sat there driving to church thinking holy cow.
Growing up in Chicago, we got out of school just after the beginning of June and went back in late August/ early September. I know, that was then. But, the summer seemed like an eternity. Baseball or football every single day. Don’t forget swimming. Had to do that everyday as well. And we did everything every single day. Then we got up at 8am the next morning and did it all again until the street lights came on signaling it was time to go home. 
This summer is going to be a fun one for the kids. This is the first year they get to play with kids who live in the neighborhood. In the old neighborhood, there were a lot of grandkids who visited. This is also the first summer they are both riding bikes on their own. 
Another family tradition we are going to start this year is playing four square as much as we can. I think the kids like playing with me because I can’t hold my phone. Another tradition I’m going to start is being more “present” when I’m home with he kids. I’m going to log off more and be there more. 

In an effort to reduce screen time, we are limiting it to the afternoon time. For all other parts of the day, they need to find something else to do. 
What are you summer plans?  
Note-This is part of a daily writing exercise to improve my writing. My goal is to publish something about what’s going on in my life each day. Thank you for reading. 


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