Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 15

Sorry, it has been a while since the last post. Work and family became a priority this past week. I am 1.5 miles behind schedule. I plan to make that up by Monday. At least that’s the goal.

I’m feeling really lately. Very motivated. Even though, I didn’t make it to the gym to swim yesterday, I jogged four miles. If I can’t get to the gym, I try to run.

As we hit the half way point, things are going well and I have not got injured. I was really worried about that because, prior to August, I swam once or twice a week.

To integrate some strength work, I have started doing push ups. Just ten, long, slow, burning push ups every couple hours throughout the day. Form is a big concern. I see a lot of people race through them and using the momentum in the bottom and jolting back up. I take it nice and slow. Down. And one, pause, up, down and two. You get the point.

What should next month challenge be? Unfortunately, I have to take a blood test and cannot exercise for the previous week. I am going to try and break that week up between August and September. Because of that, I am going to slightly modify this challenge. My goal is still 15.5 miles of swimming. Instead of swimming a half mile every day, I can swim a mile and apply the distance to the grand total. I am going to try and swim as many days as I can.

Take care and thanks for reading.
Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Distance from August 10/13/14 – 1.5 miles
Total Distance – 6 miles


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