My Happiness – The $149M Powerball Winner


I happened to catch this press conference. The demeanor of this guy made me laugh. He seemed like a really laid back dude. Even though I didn’t win. I don’t play the lottery. I felt happiness for this dude and his family. I hope he is able to take care of his family and share the wealth with others.

Going to shorten the title on the Twitter advice of Mixwest Presenter Ryan Brock

The purpose of this Happiness Series is to share the things or events in my life that bring happiness to show how others can achieve happiness in the same ways. These posts are in no particular order and they may happen a day or so before they post. Certain themes may repeat, but the accompanying photo never will.


One Comment on “My Happiness – The $149M Powerball Winner”

  1. csindy says:

    Love the screen cap of him introducing his mother…..Betty White.

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