Open Letter To My Son On His First Day Of School


Today is the first day of school for The Fox. Wow. It has been a fast five years and an even faster eight years for MaM. One area where I think I failed as a parent, is sending MaM to school without any good advice. So, as I sat down after putting The Fox to bed, I started thinking of things he should know when starting his academic career.

1. There are stupid questions. Avoid them.
2. Stay away from any kid who brings dice to school. He’s either going to be into playing Craps or Dungeons and Dagons.
3. Kick’s someone’s ass on the first day so you don’t have to be someone’s bitch.
4. Whenever someone starts laughing at you, go right up to them and ask “What do you mean I’m funny? Funny how? Like a clown? I amuse you?”
5. Do not buy any elevator passes.
6. Don’t eat paste.
7. Most of all, have fun and be yourself.

Especially number six, have fun. A lot of times learning can be fun. I hope you see that early on and we can’t wait to hear about your first day.


One Comment on “Open Letter To My Son On His First Day Of School”

  1. Jan Dye says:

    You rock but you forgot no Tequila drinking

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