Things That Make Me Happy – My kids going back to school


I am not happy because this frees up my days. This makes be happy because my kids enjoy learning. They love school. We are very fortunate to have two children who enjoy the learning process. I can remember a tantrum The Fox threw two years ago because he was mad he couldn’t read like MaM could. And MaM had just learned to read.
Tomorrow, The Fox stars his academic journey with his first day of kindergarten. I don’t have any memories of my year at St. John Fisher’s, on the south side of Chicago. I wonder if my parents were excited or happy to send me on my journey.

Have your kids started school yet?

Have an awesome day!

The purpose of this Happiness Series is to share the things or events in my life that bring happiness to show how others can achieve happiness in the same ways. These posts are in no particular order and they may happen a day or so before they post. Certain themes may repeat, but the accompanying photo never will.


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