Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 5


(Sorry for the delay on this post. I forgot my SD card reader to use the photo I wanted to use.)
I didn’t think this was going to happen because we were at the Indiana state fair all day and my wife was heading out with her friends that night. Did I mention it was also meet the teacher night at the kids school? It was a busy day. A typical family schedule for us. I usually try and exercise in the morning for that reason.
I walked around the fair regretting not working out in the mornings or most of the day. I should have got out of bed earlier. I should not have stayed up so late watching the new episode of Breaking Bad. I was being beaten up by the “I shoulda” monster. The past is the past. Next time, I will get up earlier and work out. Another benefit of hitting the gym earlier in the day is that it’s less crowded.
I was happy the family schedule worked out so that I was able to get to the gym. When trying to make time for exercise, you really need to be conscious of your family’s time and commitments. I think a problem develops when exercise comes a higher priority than the family. Before this challenge, I would alway postpone my workouts if I found out my wife was going to hit a fitness class at the gym. Today’s lesson, flexibility is a must.

Don’t worry, I was a very good boy at the fair. No fried anything.

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Yesterday’s Distance – 1 mile
Total Distance – 3.5 miles


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