Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 2


Day 2

Yesterday, I hit the goal. I swam one mile. In a row. I was pretty sure I could do it. Another activity I’ve been doing, at the gym before swimming, is the elliptical. I usually do thirty minutes, I did an hour because I had the time.

I know I am doing this fitness challenge, I also met with the Speedway (gas stations) social media team. They wanted to know why I post so many pictures of their pizza online. I love pizza. The haters are probably jumping all over this. That’s ok. Why? Because first, I live my life for me. Not a cat lady from Davenport who gets pissed because I post my exercise in online social networks. Screw her and her 15 cats. Pro Tip – No one cares.
Here’s my view on food like pizza. You can eat that food. It’s ok. You’re human and you should enjoy life. HOWEVER, you have two watch how much you eat. I am big on portion control. Seriously, I could have eaten a lot more than two pieces. I could have eaten all the pizza they had there. I think one key to weight loss is burn more than you take in. Yesterday, I still had calories to spend.

Have an awesome Saturday!

Lose The Moobs August Challenge
Today’s Distance – 1 mile
Total Distance – 1.5 miles



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