Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 1


Day 1
Off to a good start. I made it to the gym and I swam. I made it to the gym every day this week. Possibly a record for me. Two days ago, I was trying to beat twenty minutes for the half and yesterday I did it. Half mile swim in 19:07. That’s a PR for me.
Today is a weigh in day, so I will shoot for one mile. I can do it, right? I felt like I could have gone a little farther yesterday. If I didn’t have the time crunch, I would have went for it. I don’t think another quarter mile would have hurt.
By the time you read this, I should have that mile swim completed and be a couple hours into the work day.(SIDE NOTE Mission completed- I haven’t swam a mile since I was a lifegard)

Have a great Friday.

Today’s Distance – .5 miles
Total Distance – .5 miles


2 Comments on “Lose The Moobs August Challenge Day 1”

  1. Wysteria White says:

    GREAT JOB! 🙂

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