And Then Speedway Called To Arrange A Meeting


Ever do something that people thought was kind of funny. Then more people think it’s kind of funny so you keep doing it. Eventually, people start associating you with this thing you do.
Here’s my story of the guy who took pictures of the pizza every time he went into a Speedway gas station.
That’s Exactly how it started. I take a picture and post it online to Instagram. It was a joke. Then it became addictive. Every time I would go to the gas station, I would take pictures of the pizza. I even stopped at Speedway when I would travel. FYI the gas stations in northern Indiana do not sell pizza.
So, it took off. People would re-tweet the pictures and ask about it. Earlier this past summer, Speedway posted a Tweet asking about a biggest fan. Some of my friends posted about the pizza report. Speedway seemed to like it and we started communicating back and forth. As I was emceeing an event, I was walking through the crowd and someone yelled out “There’s the Jarred of Speedway pizza!” That’s when I realized I had something. When a stranger yells that out, you got something. We took pictures and posted them to Twitter and tagged Speedway.
Well, earlier this week, I received a message from the fine folks at Speedway. They would be in Indianapolis and wanted to meet me. That was the point in this gag when I thought I was getting punk’d. I still think that. I even stopped by yesterday and asked the manager if he knew of anything. His response, “You’re the guy they’re coming to meet?”. I even asked him if I was getting punk’d.
Well, today is the day and I still have no idea what will happen or what these people look like. Michelle and I have been watching a lot of Burn Notice. Good thing, we know what to look for when setting up a covert meeting. I do not know why I am so nervous. I have asked a couple of friends to serve as social media backup.

In my head, this will be the biggest celebration in the history of the chain and the will award me the covetted, black “Free Pizza For Life” Speedway card. Or maybe it’s platinum. Who know’s….you do not want to be in my head. There will be a parade and a key to the city. Maybe even a trophy bigger than the one they give Indy 500 winners.

In reality, I will probably get a cease and desist letter and get banned from their gas stations.  FOR LIFE!
I will keep you posted.
If you want to find out more, check out my Twitter feed around noon. That is when everything should be starting.



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