When dad makes “breakfast”

I learned two important things yesterday. One happened in the morning, and the other in the evening.

I was helping The Fox make his usual breakfast. Which consists of a peanut butter on toast sandwich. The Fox eats this meal almost every morning. Seriously, every day. It is one of his favorite meals. I have made this for hom many times before. But, this morning was different. This was the morning he decided to tell me how to make the sandwich. “Dad, you put the peanut butter on the inside.” Then it hit me. He doesn’t think I can cook or make a sandwich. His instructions were very specific.

Later that night, I was reading The Fox a bedtime story. It was some Lego Heros book that we got from the library. We’ve had it for a couple of weeks and he has mostly memorized the story and a good percentage of the words. While reading the story to him, he started correcting me on my reading. Correcting me with what he thought was the correct words in the sentence. Does he not think I can read?

So it has begun, the youngest child is going to start correcting me at everything I do for him.

Woo Hoo, lucky me.


One Comment on “When dad makes “breakfast””

  1. aroundindy says:

    But you didn’t say if he was right! 🙂

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