Help Our Friends at @IndySOW

Good Morning,

Our friends at INDY School on Wheels ( Twitter Link)are involved in a one day contest to raise money for the Indianapolis chapter. My friend Alex Keys is leading the effort to raise money to help provide support for the homeless children in Indianapolis.  He tells me that on any one night there are over 3000 homeless children in Indianapolis. 

This was the group that we tried to raise money for at Indianapolis 500 Community Day.  We came in second place.

If you can help, please go to the School on Wheels “Twive and Receive” page and donate. Twive and Receive is an organization that is helping non-profits in different cities raise money for their charity.  Each charity only has 24 hours to raise funds. Today, Thursday June 14th, 2012, is the only day that you can donate to the Indy School on Wheels group.

Thank you,



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