Gas Station Pizza

Gas Station Pizza Coupon

The other day I went to the gas station and received a coupon for a free slice of gas station pizza. I’m from Chicago, we take our pizza very seriously. I don’t even think that they sell gas station pizza in Chicago because of a law passed in 1993. My favorite is deep dish filled with cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and sausage.  I remember my parents taking the family up to Giordano’s on 63rd and Kedzie. Pizza was a family tradition for us.  Giordano’s was our favorite. We went to Vito and Nick’s for thin crust and Baracco’s for my dad’s favorite pizza.  My dad went to these restaurants so frequently that all the servers knew his name.  We, the kids, wanted to throw my dad a surprise birthday party one year.  This turned out to be the one year that he didn’t want to go to Baracco’s.  It was a fight to get him there. We finally talked him into going up there to meet the rest of the family. I digress, we love pizza.  Every time we head back “home”, I always try to work a pizza run into our trip.
I remember one of my first visits to Indianapolis. We went to the gas station to rent a video tape. It was 1997 and that is what we had back then.  Well, we went to this gas station and they were selling chicken, fried chicken.  I was amazed by this delicacy being sold at a gas station. How can someone get $20 in gas, smokes, numbers, and fried chicken.
I have no issues with Speedway. They make a great gas and sell awesome Krispy Kreme donuts. I just have a problem with certain foods being sold at a place where you feed your car.
Should I try a piece of gas station pizza?

4 Comments on “Gas Station Pizza”

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  2. 1. Have you tried Nancy’s pizza? I hear it’s pretty authentic Chicago style…

    2. I don’t even like Krispy Kremes only being in gas stations. Some of my best college memories were the middle of the night drives to see if the light was on at the Krispy Kreme so we could get hot, fresh donuts… nothing compares!

    3. Nope. I would not eat gas station pizza. But there is little that I would eat from a gas station…

  3. Emily Suess says:

    I’m not sure how they’re legally allowed to call it pizza if it’s sold at a gas station, but I don’t recommend trying it!

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