Jumping On A Bed

MaM jumping from bed to bed.

Last weekend we went to Grandma’s and had to stay at a hotel because there was no room at the inn(Grandma’s). My kids love to stay at hotels. Although they do prefer Holiday Inn Express. ( Wink Wink Nudge Nudge-I’ll take any love they can give me).

MMM and MaM jumping on the bed.

They LOVE Holiday Inn Express because of the free breakfast and pool. Funny thing is that they have access to two polls and they get a free breakfast every morning.

MaM in mid air.

They also get a free lunch and dinner made to order. The main reason that they love H.I.E. is because hotel stays mean we get to take pictures of our family jumping on the bed. Yeah, the Queen Bee has forbidden this activity from our house. Here are the pics we took.

The Fox and I jumping on the bed.


The Flying Fox making the jump from one bed to the next. This was a big step for him.


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