I Was A Donut Man

In donut heaven.

Last Friday morning, I got to live two life long dreams. I got to dress up as a donut and hand out donuts to total strangers.  I got to join the Indiana Division of the Salvation Army and help say thanks to some of the companies who have donated their time or materials over the last year.

With strangers on Monument Circle.

We stopped by a couple businesses to deliver donuts.  Everything went well except for our visit to the radio station.  I think I got “bad touched” while there. We came out of one business downtown, and we were getting back into the van.  As we stepped back into the van, a group came up and asked us for a picture.  We got out and put the donut back on and took some pics.  In all the excitement, we forgot to close the back of the van.  As we were driving away, I noticed the rear door open and that we almost lost the donut costume.  That would have sucked.  A lost donut costume. That would be a tragedy.

At the WZPL studios.

The greatest part was seeing the look on people’s faces as a giant donut walked into their office with two dozen Dunkin Donuts. That costume was  DD has one thing correct, America runs on donuts. The sad part of this adventure was that I only got to eat one donut of all the donuts we delivered.

From inside the donut costume.


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