We Get A Weather Radio.

We found our weather radio in the back of the closet. We have had it, used it, and for some reason, it get tossed back into the closet. Maybe it was because my wife didn’t like the guys voice or what he was saying. TORNADO HIDE OR YOU WILL DIE!! We live in Indiana and the weather radio is as much a necessity as tornado straps( google it).

I do have one concern. Lately, my almost four year old has become very concerned with the weather. So concerned, he just told me we can’t go to the park because there is a storm on the way. I’m not sure who told him that. I don’t think it was the gu y in the weather radio. Two weeks ago, a rough storm came through the city. It was a hard storm, but not that bad. The storm lasted probably 15 minutes. The Fox took position under the table. Should I be concerned?

I understand better safe than sorry and I am not trying to tell him not to be concerned, but there is no way that I am going to fit under the table with him. Do your kids do this?


One Comment on “We Get A Weather Radio.”

  1. Kris says:

    My son went through a period of being terrified of tornadoes.

    I think it was partially because he was becoming more aware of weather and the destructive nature of tornadoes and partially because his dad and I were divorced. Any time there was a bad storm and he was with me, he was worried about his dad and would have to call to check on him. If he was with his dad I would always receive a call to check on me.

    He would also quiz us every time there was a storm about what we would do if there were a tornado. Where would we go? What if we were sleeping? What about my trophies?

    The trophies made me chuckle, but he eventually outgrew the phase.

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