Bike To Work Week.


Today, I rode my bicycle into work as part of bike to work week . It’s only two miles. But, I did it. Me thinks I should ride into the office more often.

Did you ride into work today?



5 Comments on “Bike To Work Week.”

  1. CDC says:

    I did! It’s 10 miles each way for me and on the home I found out the hagan burke trail was closed on bike to work day. Other than a little back tracking on ending up on the wrong side of a busy street it was great.

    • That’s awesome. Are you a regular bike commuter?
      Is this in Carmel?

      Thanks for the comment.


      • CDC says:

        It was my first time riding to work. I really did love it. I think I am going to try and do it 1 -2 days each week. This week Thursday is my day. Most weeks I will try for Monday, Wednesday and/or Thursday.

  2. theknitcycle says:

    Way to go! I started riding to work last summer, wasn’t sure I could do it at first (there’s kind of a big hill right at the end). Now I ride almost every day and I HATE the days when I have to drive for any reason. Keep it up — your commute can be the best part of the whole day!

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