Tour De Carmel Bike Ride

We have a new activity to keep the family busy on Thursday nights.  The weekly bike ride in Carmel with Carmel Pedals( aka #TourDeThursdays). I gave it a test run to see if the routes were going to be family friendly before taking my family. I was happy to learn that the routes selected are based on the bike trail system that runs through Carmel, Indiana. I initially thought that we would be doing a large amount of riding on the Monon Trail system, instead we rode through Carmel.

This bike ride is a free, weekly biking event open to cyclists of all ages and skill levels. The ride was  created by Bruce Kimball. He told me on the first ride that he wanted to start a low key bike ride that got people together to ride on the bike trails in Carmel. Bikers are not locked into doing the same trail as the group. If they want to break off and explore another trail, they are more than welcome to do so. Best part about the ride, no spandex required.

Last week, I brought my family on the ride. Yes, two little kids on a seven mile ride. I pulled The Fox who sat in the trailer and Michelle pulled The Monkey on the hitchhiker. The kids enjoyed it. We were on the road for about an hour and completed seven miles. We stopped half way at a fire department open house and to re-fuel. The week before, we didn’t stop and kept riding. You ride at your own pace. The pace of this rice is not extremely fast, it is leisurely.  We road on bike trails except for when we drove through a residential area. We rode on low traffic side streets and crossed four roundabouts.  This is something that becomes a little tricky when hauling a bike trailer. Not impossible, just a little tricky.

The family enjoyed our time together during the ride.  Some of us, post to Twitter while we ride.  This is a great low impact ride if you are new to biking or are looking for a low pressure ride in the evening. Afterwards, you can enjoy a beverage and the open mic night at SoHo Cafe.

For more information

Carmel Pedals on Twitter

Carmel Pedals on Facebook

Carmel Cyclery on Facebook

If you want to ride, head over to the SoHo Cafe in Carmel this Thursday night at 6:30pm


2 Comments on “Tour De Carmel Bike Ride”

  1. Craig says:

    Sounds fun, but as with all things Carmel I’m not sure my bike nor my children are clean enough to get past the border guard.

    • LOL – I thought the same thing. My buddy and I are Marion-ites. I suggest covering your license plate so that ‘they’ don’t know you’re a 49’er.
      This response may get me kicked out of the club.

      Thanks for the comment.

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