Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s out there.

This is your day. A day to relax while your kids server you and show you how much they appreciate everything that you do. If you can’t be with your mother, call her. If she is no linger with us, give her a couple words of prayer.


Treat your wife like a queen. Show her how much you appreciate what she does.
I made sure the house is clean as well as the kids. I just hope that she does not want me to cook dinner. I am cooking challenged. One day, I hope to overcome this, but it will not be today.

Then going forward, make the things you do on this day part of your daily routine. Dad’s do this things you only do on Mother’s Day more frequently.

We have a quiet day planned. The kids made cards. I hope my wife likes them.

Take Care and have a good Mother’s Day,

PS-If you want your kid to keep quiet about a gift they make for mom, have them work on it near bedtime.  This seems to distract them pretty well. We did this on Friday night. I didn’t hear anything about it until this morning when The Fox asked about the picture he drew for mom.  I was surprised he didn’t say anything until now.







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