I Start To Podcast WIth A Friend

Two guys voted most definitely not to be on camera.

My friend Josh and I have decided to team up and try this podcast thing out.  We both think there is some good chemistry between us. That is geek speak for we really like to talk about ourselves but we have enough respect for each other not to interrupt the other while speaking about ourselves in the third person.

We both have the same goal with this, have fun with it and see what happens. Just do what we do, talk to people.  Also share  about things we are doing. Josh with his adventure to get on The Biggest Looser and my adventure to get Josh to complete a marathon with me.

I know this has been done before, but it’s about two guys going through life. One married with kids and the other one single.  I think there are a lot of similarities between us that help us connect, but I thing there are many differences that will make this adventure interesting. Our goal is to have our friends visit every so often and share their story with us.  Then make fun of the stories people share with us.We want to have fun going to different events and talking about them in a humorous way.

We set off last week to record 15-30 minutes.  We got three and a half hours of recording.  Don’t worry, we won’t make you listen to it all at once.  We will probably break it up into smaller bits. We even had a guest stop by.  Tony Troxell saw a tweet that we are recording and stopped by.  Actually, he ‘crashed’, I forgot to tell Josh he was coming. I also forgot to tell Josh that he was going to make fun of him for recording this in a McDonald’s on a Saturday night.  It was pretty funny. To me. Tony even wrote a blog post on his experience.  Yes, his guest post hit the internet before our official announcement.  BTW, this is not the official announcement.  This is a post begging for names for the podcast.  We have two that we like, but thought we would ask the general public.

Want to get some strange looks, try recording an audio event in a McDonald’s. On a Saturday night.

So, either post on facebook, the twitter, or comment here.  Then next week, we will put it to a vote.

My favorite so far is A Guy and His Unicorns. Josh doesn’t like that one.

Let me know.


2 Comments on “I Start To Podcast WIth A Friend”

  1. midlifegeek says:

    I’d vote for “Two guys voted most definitely not to be on camera.” If you ever want a guest who can be a third guy going through life let me know. I’m the (self-proclaimed) king of witty rejoinders, sarcasm and irony.

  2. 101010stream says:

    I have microphone envy. Faces for radio are a’plenty, but wit is not to be found in abundance. Fill that void!

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