Free Comic Book Day

The Fox at the comic book store.

This afternoon, The Fox and I hit a comic book store to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and Free Comic Book Day in one swoop. He loved it.  It is funny what you think your kid picks up as he goes through life.  The cool part was getting to hear his reaction to seeing all the super hero’s who were on the covers.

The Fox – BATMAN!

The Fox – X_MEN!


The Fox – Who’s that?

Me – Wolverine


The Fox – THOR!

We stopped by to see what there was to see and because it got us out of clothes shopping with Mom.  The Fox picked up a Batman and a Star Wars comic.  He liked the Batman one the most.  As a kid, I never got into comics.  I didn’t realize the history of the field until I took a course on comic books and culture in college.  Time will tell if The Fox gets into this.  Hor now, he is happy looking at the pictures and being read to. You would be very proud of me, I didn’t tell the clerk that my three year old is looking for something similar to Heavy Metal.

I do think the comic book store guy got mad at me when I asked when the Hulk became red.  Turns out, there’s another guy chasing the green hulk and he became the red one.  Who knew? That was definitely my “So, you are not from around here?’ moment.

Did any of you participate in Free Comic Book Day? The Free Comic Book Day website tells me that it occurs on the first Saturday in May. So, go and put it on your calendar for next year.


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