Dr. James A. Dillon Park – Our Visit Notes.


The Dillon Skate Park

MaM and I have been hitting a new( to us) park up in Carmel, Nobelsville and/or Fishers. We have been hitting Dr. James A. Dillon Park. It is in one of those places. No one can tell me for sure what city 146th and Hazel Dell is.  I have heard it is an intersection of these places.


MaM on the scooter.

MaM wanted to try a different skate park after hitting the skate park at the Monon Center one too many times. We found out about Dillon Park from another skater and decided to try it.  It’s a very quiet park compared to the other ones we have visited. There have never been more than a couple of people.  One difference that we noticed compared to the other skate parks is that there are more stunt/trick bikers here than at the other parks.  The kids on the bikes travel a lot faster than the kids on the skateboards. We didn’t see this as a big deal, just something to be aware of while skating.


The Dillon Park playground





MaM really loved the playground part of the park as well.  The playground is approximately a quarter mile north of the skate park. Easily within walking( or scootering) distance. This area is really under unitized as well. There is a lot of play space for the kids, but I have never seen more than four or five kids playing. The playground has lots of places for the kids to climb. We did have a little accident on our first visit.  There is a strange see-saw type ride in the middle of the park.  We experienced a small fall from it after MaM was trying to get off of this one.  The only thing damaged was her pride.  She walked it off. All the equipment look new and damage free. Overall, we are pleased to return to this park again.

There are two different entrances to the park. One for the skate park, enter off 146th just past the McDonald’s. The other is off of Hazel Dell, about a quarter mile north of Hazel Dell. If you happen to run into The Fox, please don’t mention Dillon Park, he has not been here yet.

Take Care,



The Dillon Park playground.


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