Picture of Me(Through my daughter’s eyes)

Words you want to hear your kid say when your an overweight person- “LOOK DADDY! I DREW A PICTURE OF YOU!” Green shoes, glitter, all. At least she made my belly smaller.  When asked about the pants, I was told that these were my animal-print-pants-out-of-control LMFAO party rock pants. My neck is actually a shirt. A top shirt.

This will get sent to an Evernote account that she can access when she gets older.  I do love this and it will go on the fridge for a while. Then it will be rotated out for new child created artwork in the glitter medium.

Do you have any pictures that your kids drew of you when they were young?

Is that a cocktail glass that I am holding in my left hand?




One Comment on “Picture of Me(Through my daughter’s eyes)”

  1. chuck says:

    you have hair too!!

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