Easter With The Kids (Yes, I know Easter was last week)

We had a great Easter holiday at grandma and granda’s this past weekend. The kids love being there but seem to hate the drive. The Fox has learned to ask, just like his big sister asks, “HOW LONG TIL WE GET THERE?”. This is funny because, it’s not the far. To solve this problem, we let MaM be the navigator. She reads the map and she can now see how long til we get there. She follows along on Google Maps. As we were getting off the ramp, five minutes from G-Ma’s house, we told her it would be five minutes until we get there. She resonded with no, the map says we will be there in eight minutes.

I also learned that The Fox can read the word “golf”. He looked over the back seats where his Easter gift was and yelled “YAY, GOLF!” I figured, he’s three, no worries. MaM got a new scooter. She loves it and it’s much faster than her old one. It has been a week and we have hit the skate park twice.

Looking forward to many more Easter’s with the family.

Take Care,

And Happy Belated Easter and from my blogging friend 4thFrog , Happy Belated Information Day.




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