Sunday In The Garden

We got to help out in the garden of The Fox’s school. It was fun and we were happy to help. However, we were reminded why we live in a maintenance free community. I have not mowed a lawn in 24 years and I don’t plan on starting now. We don’t own the following for a reason: Rake
Lawn mower
Snow blower
You get my point. My wife helped plant some sun flowers. I walked around with a shovel, looking “busy”. Turns out those teen years of working fast food paid off. I avoided the people who were standing around planning things. I had a feeling I might get sucked into the vortex of yard work if I stayed there too long. I did help hold a ladder for a guy who was cleaning the gutters. The one bit of work I did do was pushing the kids on the tire swing. I was good at that. Here to 23 more years of not lowing a lawn. I think we were made to be urban. Later.


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