Are you a celebrity?

Make A Wish

Kids drawing on my bald head.

“Are you a celebrity?”

I was asked this by one of the fourth graders in my Sunday school class. This question came about after I explained that I was late because I our trip to southern Indiana to help tornado victims was cancelled. I was 30 minutes late for the class that day.  My first thought was, “Well, kind of….I mean no…..ok maybe in several zip codes in Indiana….”  Of course I said no and laughed in shock. Well, maybe I do wish I was, but I am happy with the life I live.

The Make A Wish Bald Gang

I did ask the kid why he would think to ask that.  His response,”…because you are always doing things.” Ok, that may be true. However, I do them for a reason.

The reason I share some of the things I do with the kids is to show them that I give back and try to help make a difference.  I want them to grow up seeing this as an example of how I live my life.  Some may do this, some may not, but I want them to see that people do things like this. It is important to lead by example.  This is the type of example that today’s youth need to see.  They don’t need to see the cast of Jersey Shore walking around half drunk and acting in an obnoxious manner. Or the like. They need to see people helping other people.

Kids also need to see that charity is the work of many people.  Each of the pictures I posted for this post showed the people who made each event possible.  Team work is very important.

The Salvation Army Ring It On Gang

This weekend’s homework assignment – lead by example. Show your kids charity by helping someone.

Take Care,



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