At ConnerPrairie for the Headless Horseman Hayride

We had a great time tonight at the Conner Prairie hay ride. This is the start to their annual Headless Horseman Halloween  event. After last year, we knew we would make ts a yearly tradition.  The kids were looking forward to it all day long.  MaM was starting to ask me particulars about the headless horseman.  The only question that I could answer in a believable way was “Why does the headless horseman stop at the bridge?”. My answer, because that’s how the story goes.  
The kids loved the headless horseman hayride.  We went on the early evening(non scary) ride.  The Fox was very cautious the entire time, he knew something was up but didn’t know what it would was going to be.  He sat in my lap the entire time.  MaM saw a friend from preschool and sat next to her during the hayride.  That was her favorite part.  
MaM got her palm read by a reader.  She was told that she was going to have lots of boyfriends.  That’s when I wanted my money back.  
We ended the night at the snake show.  MaM was excited to touch a snake.  The Fox sat there eagerly raising his hand to hold a tarantula.  We don’t think that he fully understood that he was raising his hand to hold a large spider.  As we were leaving, we asked him if he would hold a spider and he just shook his head back and forth heck no.  
Over all, the kids loved going to Conner Prairie.  They are looking forward to their next trip.   

One of the scarecrows 


MaM and her friends.  


Michelle and I. 


The Fox and I on the hayride.  


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