Went to an Indians game


I went to an Indians game last night with some friends.  We got to really enjoy the dollar menu night.  I think we talked and laughed more than we watched the game.  Isn’t that what life is all about, enjoying each others company. I even got to meet a friend, from the internet, in real life.  You may or may not know Nancy Myrland, but I have been talking to her for a couple years on Twitter and Facebook.  She always comes across with such an upbeat personality and is a pleasure to communicate with online.  Her personality is the same in the real world as it is online. We also met her husband, who she made us ask him what his twitter name is just so he could could say I don’t do that online thing.

I think that Randy Clark and I laughed through a good percentage of the baseball game.  I will go to another game with him becasue even though he may not be into baseball, he will go to the game and have a great time.  One of the highlights was getting on the jumbotron by dancing some crazy dance that Randy came up with.  What ever, it worked even though I caugh the last second of it.


We even took a picture with a stranger.  We saw this guy and asked him to be in our picture.  Surprisingly, he said yes.  This looked like it made his day, he is very happy in these pictures.

Thanks againg to John Cannon for the invite.


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