One of my college roommates is getting married next weekend. The bachelor party was yesterday. It was pretty low key. Dinner and a White Sox game. Before dinner, I got there early and shot some photos on the Chicago lakefront. Everything was cool beautiful day, awesome weather, and the Air and Water show. Then the city tow trucks showed up and started towing everyone. Welcome to Chicago, your tow bill will be $175 plus the cost of the ticket.
Dinner was at Connie’s on Archer Ave. Great place. Great pizza. They even had a shuttle to the game. Cha Ching. My friend’s cousin was really into baseball and kept asking me about the team. I know nothing about sports, especially baseball. In the shuttle to the ballpark, the driver told us that Dunn was having a bad year. All I could think was cool, now I have someone to yell at. I also learned that people no longer yell ‘Hey batter batter!’. Well, not from the nose bleed seats. My friends learned how little I know about sports. I don’t know a “safe” umpire sign from a “you’re out” umpire sign. Regardless of my lack of baseball enthusiasm, we all had a good time. One of the people in our party told me that I was good luck because they won. I couldn’t even tell you who they played. Except they had some very sharp looking uniforms.

Next up, write the Best Man Speech. This year’s goal, keep talking until they start playing the music, then get belligerent.


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