Took The Little People To The State Fair Yesterday


While MaM was in her first day of kindergarden, I took The Fox to the Indiana State Fair.  Just me and my buddy buddy(that’s our nickname for each other)  We took advantage of the AAA free day. We had a plan of just going to see the animals.  Nothing big and definitely no rides.  We walked all over the place. Actaully, I did all the walking with The Fox perched on my choulders. Hit the large farm tractor display and the animal barns.  He told me that his goal was to hug a pig.  I am not exactly sure where he got that idea from.  It wasn’t me. I swear.

We walked through the sheep, horse, and pig barn.  Being a city kid, he could not stop staring at the animals.  Petting them was soemthing entirely new for him.  He was too funny with the whole thing. The Fox told me that his favorite animal was the pig. I think this was because he got to pet so many of them while he was there.

As we were leaving, we saw an ABATE motorcycle safety tent that was letting kids ride small motorcycles. The Fox loved this.  He had the biggest smile. We did this under one condition, not to tell MaM that we rode a motorcycle. Which The Fox proudly told her as she got in the car after teh first day of school.  At this point, all she wants to do is go to the fair and ride a motorcycle as well.  She is our adventure girl.

After picking MaM up after her first day of school, we tracked back to the state fairgrounds and walked around some more.  Even though it was the second trip there for The Fox, he loved it.  If you look at MaM’s eyes in the pictures, you can tell she has a smile from ear to ear. She thought this was the coolest thing ever.  She kept smahing into the back tire of The Fox.  We may watch too much NASCAR. She was jazzed that she got to take two rides on the motorcycle.

We moved on to the animal barns after that.  The kids loved petting the animals.MaM now wants a horse for Christmas. It was fun to see the excitment in their eyes as they walked up to the animals and started to pet them.  I was a parental reward.  As we were leaving, we snagged some free ice cream.  To them, that was the perfect end to the fair.  We hung out at the senior citizens belly dancing troupe as we finished off our ice cream.  I will never forget MaM telling my wife that we stopped to watch a bunch of women in colorful clothes dance.


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