Uggghh-I’m sick

Anyone else not have the urge to be creative or even write when they are sick? I have not even felt well enought to taunt the social media guru’s on my other site.  That is something that always cheers me up because the people that get pissed off the most are the one’s who can’t take a joke.

We have a lot going on in Leilan Land.  Hit the state fiar last weekend.  Both Little People Starting school next week.  Borthers wedding reception this weekend and a friends wedding in a few weeks. I may be taking the bus to Chicago for that one.  Have any of you taken the Greyhound or Megabus on a trip. 

Take Care and Happy Hump Day.



2 Comments on “Uggghh-I’m sick”

  1. back in the olden days when i was racking up student loans, i rode that bus. hell yez. nowhere on earth does time go slower than on a commercial bus.

    also? i read your closing wrong and thought you said HAPPY DUMP DAY. I found it to be equally relevant since a good poop can really turn one’s day around. thought you might want to add it to your repetoire of closings. you’re welcome.

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