What’s in your wallet?

My Wallet is 1/3 of the size of my dad’s wallet

I am going to reduce the things I carry everyday. I just don’t need to carry everything in my wallet every single day. I remember my dad’s wallet. I have no idea how he got that thing into his rear pants pocket. The thing was a mammoth wallet. It was filled with so much stuff, it wouldn’t even close. Papers, business cards, other crap. I never saw anything come out of there or even get used. It was a leather black hole. I saw thing enter and never see light again. It is a little different today with smart phones. They hold everything digitally. I remember my dad had a couple pictures. I do not have any pictures in my wallet. I don’t even have my kids pictures in there. The opening screen of my phone is MaM making a funny face and I have approximately 1.04GB of pictures on it. I keep all my relevant data stored in there. I don’t keep business cards. I take a picture and send them to Evernote. Then I enter the contact info into my gMail account with a short note about how and where I met this person.



So I ask all of you, what is in your wallet.


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