My Minimalism Purpose

My minimalism goal is not simply to declutter.  I wanted to clarify my post from yesterday. My goal is to live with less stuff and have more experiences.  I am tired of clinging to things and object.  I am tired of wasting money on things I only care about for a couple of months.  I have always been one that has been interested in stuff.  The more stuff the better.  As I am getting older, the stuff means a lot less to me.  I value the experience and the people that I associate with.  Last night, my wife and I had an unbelievable anniversary dinner at a fine dining restaurant.  Shula’s Steakhouse may not be fine dining to you but it was for us.  It was something special to celebrate being married for ten years.  We took lots of pictures and shared lots of laughs.  Pictures of the meal, the place, the football menu.  We had a great time.  We laughed and enjoyed each others company. 

Me with a football menu
Me with a football menu

My point is that this trip through life is not so much about the vehicle, but more about the journey.  It’s about what happens along the way. I’d rather my children remember the things we did rather than the things that we had.


Take Care and Have a Great Weekend,




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