Minimalism – A New Journey

I am thinking about trying this minimalism out to attempt a less stressful lifestyle. I look around my house and constantly think, how did I acquire so much crap. I am paying for a big ass box full of crap. When I die, my kids will throw my crap away. Maybe I should beat them to the punch. What are they going to do with a wooden birdhouse a award I won for being an idiot on the internet?
I am making a vow to reduce my crap. Less electronics. Less clothes. Less stuff in general. If I can digitize it – bam! I don’t keep most of the kids artwork. I take a couple pictures and we discard it after a couple of months.
There is a certain amount of things that you need. I will keep the functional things. I don’t need to keep 40 recyclable AA batteries. I don’t need to keep clothes that will not fit anymore. I have started to reject the swag bags and free handouts. The other night I was offered a free, plastic BBQ sauce brush. I already have one.
I am trying to change the mindset of my kids that the world revolves around stuff and how much stuff you have. I want to give them experiences. Baseball games. Travel to different cities. Seeing the beauty of nature.
So, as I continue this journey, I will blog about it.
Take Care,



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