The Monon Trail in March

I love hitting the Monon Trail any time of the year.  It is a very peaceful place, even when I take the Little People up there and let them run around.  This past weekend, MaM rode her big bike with the training wheels and The Fox pushed his lawn mower.  They did well, except for when one of them blocked the trail because they wanted to pet a dog.  The bikers that were working out loved that.

I spent a lot of time on the trail last fell preparing for the marathon.  I have started to become more aware of the seasons as they appear.. From deep green leaves, to the turning to brown, to this spring when the leaves are about to come back.  It is an amazing transformation.  I am going to start slowing down and getting rid of the clutter in my life and start appreciating these beautiful moments.

Take Care,

Leilan Mc.


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