IUPUI Communication Studies Alumni Conference

I was asked to be on a panel for the  alumni conference this past weekend.  We had a great opening session complete with a fire drill.  We realized that it was not a drill when the fire department arrived on the scene.  The group was broken down into three sessions and there were four to five alums in each session.  The undergrad students were able to ask just about any thing they wanted to know about life after college.  We even got asked how much money we made.  We all lied.

I hope the students got some insight as to what it is like on the outside after college.  They needed to hear that they can do whatever they wanted to do.  In some cases, they will have to be a little creative.  The professors who were on hand compared this conference to your parnets telling you how to do something, and you don’t listen. Then your friends parents say the exact same thing, it makes sense and you take the advice.

Leilan Mc.


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