My First Step at Decluttering

I made the first big step in decluttering, my closet.  I went through me closet and attempted some sort of organization.  My main goal was to reduce the number of t-shirts that I own.  The big part was pulling all of them out of the closet and placing them on the bedroom floor.  Shirt by shirt, I picked up each one, determined if I could still fit in it, then either kept it or Goodwill’d it. I really do not need five grey t-shirts.  I kept all the, yes I am going to say this, sentimental t-shirts.  Not sure why I keep them, they may have to be donated in the next round of decluttering.

I decided that I wasn’t finished there, the next logical step was to do the same thing for the golf shirts.  Not sure why I call them that, I don’t play golf or have any desire to do so. Made a big pile of those to add to the Goodwill pile as well. I also made a small pile of skinny shirts that I hope to fit into in a couple of weeks.

Next step, my desk.  I plan to take everything off my desk at home.  Anything electronic goes upstairs.  Anything I don’t use anymore gets trashed of sent to Goodwill.

Wish Me Luck,

Leilan Mc


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