Hello Weekend

Well hello Friday and the weekend.

Big Plans?

None here either. Hitting the Indianapolis Ice game with the Little People. That will be a blast.  At least I think they love hockey.  I think they love going to events in downtown Indianapolis because, there is a chance they will be going for ice cream at Steak N Shake. A couple weeks ago, we did the children hand-off downtown because M had a thing at IUPUI and I was done with class.  As soon as we drove through the downtown area, MaM started telling me about how we always go for ice cream when we are down town. (Really?? That’s news to me.) Kids, they have an amazing memory.

Then on Sunday is another school open house. This time for The Fox.  I hope he likes it.

Take Care and Have a great weekend.

Leilan M.

BTW I didn’t forget the marathon is in a couple of months.  I am still “in training”.  Taking today off and going to hit the trail tomorrow.


One Comment on “Hello Weekend”

  1. Kris says:

    No big plans here either. We have a few things to do Saturday but that’s it.

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