Marathon(s) WTF?

I signed up for not one, but two marathons. WTF am I thinking? I registered for Carmel in June and Chicago in October.  I am doing Chicago with a childhood friend.  We have done a couple of triathlons back in the day and he wants to do a marathon. So I said that I would do it with him.

I tried to tell him the tricky part for fat people doing  a marathon is that they kick you off the course if you fall below a certain rate, 4 mph.  My friend told me that would not be an issue, blah, blah blah.  You get where I am going with this.  Today, a week after he registered and has been training on a treadmill, he is worried about finishing in the alloted time.  I told him to relax and that we are still 33 weeks out.  He just needs to keep training and walking.  While training for my first marathon, I thought the exact same thing-I am not going to be able to finish this.  I even thought that the night before the race.

Tomorrow Training – three miles.

I wonder if they will let me complete one of the marathons in a motorized scooter, like the one my ma-maw has?

Take Care,



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