To Do List or Resolutions?

Do you make resolutions or to do lists? People place too much pressure on resolutions. They try to start too many things at the same time and this leads to a failure to complete anything because they become overwhelmed. I like to do lists because of the psychology of them. You work on them when you can, then check them off when you complete them. If you don’t get to start working on them, and they are a low priority, change the due date.

Last year, I had ‘run a marathon’ on my list. I started training and finished one. This year, I would like to complete two of them. Hopefully that happens. I plan to start training for them shortly.
The big objective is planning. What are you doing to work towards completing the goal? I know there are times when I get discouraged about not being as far along on my task list as I would like to be. Then i start thinking about what is preventing me from completing my goals. This is when I see that I am watching too much tv or doing unimportant activities. I do not consider family time as unimportant time. That takes a front seat to all other goals.

One objective that people tell me as to why they can’t complete a goal is that they don’t have time. Then you read their social media stream and they are posting about doing unimportant activities. They have the time to work on their goals. Most of us are not that ‘busy’. The president feels that fitness is a important part of his routine. He make time for this almost every day. If you think you are, take some time to print off a sheet listing every hour of the day. With these sheets, write down what you are doing at every hour or whenever you change activities. This can also be done on calendar on your phone. When I start asking people, who want to change,about their schedule, they get a little defensive. Most of us have the time to complete these goals. The just have to make unimportant activities, important activities.

Good Luck in your plans for the New Year,



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