Hope and The Future

I hope that my little people learn how to enjoy life from us.  I hope that they understand they need to stop and smell the roses every so often. I hope that they can laugh with people and not at them.  I hope that they can see the brighter side of any situation and make the best out of bad ones.  There is so much fear that goes into parenting.  I am not talking about the parents who decide not to be a part of their kids lives. But the parents who actually care about their kids and thier future.  There is fear because you hope you did a good job. You have to believe that you did the best you could with the resources that were available. I hope that they can look back at their childhood and smile.  I hope they learned something about the world and had a good time


One Comment on “Hope and The Future”

  1. Grace says:

    I love this post – I might have to steal it… lol… and I would add this:

    I hope that they remember to thank their parents for being such great role models.

    I remember my dad telling me years ago that one of his proudest moments as a parent was when I (as a young adult) finally “got it” and thanked him for being such a great dad. I wish I am able to experience the same joy from my girls.

    Great job my friend. You are succeeding and will continue to. Your little people are proof.

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